About Us

Canning Solution established in Mysore in 2005 is a Packing specialist expertise in Metal Can Packing and Food Packing. We have our service across multitudes spectrum, which includes Packing, Consultancy, Product Advising, Raw Materials Supply, Training and much more. With years of industry experience, we are one of the most sort after Packing specialist in the city. Manufactured under controlled environment using world class technologies, we provide premium quality Metal Can Packing and Food Packing to an array of customers.

Offered at a reasonable price, our range of Packing are unique and of the finest quality. We have a R&D system in place which helps in bringing in innovative changes in the manufacturing process. Every single piece of Can Packing and Food Packing goes through rigorous Quality Analysis which ensure that only the finest is sent to the customers.

Our area of business includes food processing and packaging, marketing of food and processed food, marketing of food and processed food, sourcing of packaging, packaging technology, processed food packaging, management training, trouble shooting techniques and quick change over procedure training.

We have also lent our expertise in offering consultancy service covering numerous areas such as improving quality of packaging, improving shelf life of a packaged food product, marketing assistance in food, techno-marketing skills shared, can and end making techniques, can seaming techniques and designing of tools.

We are also involved in the raw material supply of raw materials such as tinplates, aluminium sheets, aluminium foil for food grade and flexi packaging. Our state-of-the-art production unit and worldclass technology makes us an ideal choice for innovative and premium quality Metal Can Packing and Food Packing. We are well equipped to handle booking orders of any scale. Our delivery processes are prompt and we keep our promised time.